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How it works

1. Raise a request

  • Raise a service request or call us at +91 96301 09451. Our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements in more detail.
  • They will arrange the meeting with our technical expert.

2. Meet our Expert

  • Experts will guide you in selecting the right package and solve any queries that you may have.

3. Book with Us

  • Good to go ! You pay 5% of the estimated project cost as the booking amount

4. Receive Detailed Plans

  • Our architects will provide exhaustive drawings and designs till you are completely satisfied.
  • Designs include floor plans, 3D elevations, electrical, plumbing and structural designs
  • Project manager is allotted and project management team works on your contract.
  • All project details like specifications, work and payment schedules etc are fed into the system.

5. Track & Transact

  • To ensure absolute trust, Arch Design World provides an escrow model where you transfer the amount for every stage of the project.
  • Only on successful completion of a stage,amount is transferred to the contractor.
  • Our project management team tracks and monitors your project through our system and processes - through regular site visits.
  • You get the project updates through our customer application.

6. Settle In

  • The last and final stage. We make sure you are well settled in your new home.