How to work

Just few following steps and we will be ready to build your dream house. Here is how you can approach us


Request for quotation: - You can make a request for quotation or consultant for the process via telephonic or mail conversation. Contact details are available at our website.


Meet our Expert: - Once the formal request has been submitted one of our expert will contact you and keep in touch with you for the next part. The expert will give you all the details regarding planning, samples, quotation, estimates cost and all the necessary details.


Booking: - After meeting all the necessary requirements and finalizing design you can immediately book and finalize so we can start designing part.


Receive Detailed Plans: - After consulting architect and engineer the design is finalized and blue print is available to you for reference and viewing.


Transaction: - Final step if transaction which is straightforward and there is never involvement of any third party. All of our transactions are legal and as per govt. norms.


Finalizing: - After transaction everything is settled all you have to do is sit and relax as rest is taken care of by us.